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There is one "very special" radio station. The name of this station is RADIO SAINT HELENA.


Saint Helena Island location (image from WIKIPEDIA)Saint Helena is an island (of volcanic origin) a British overseas territory in the South Atlantic Ocean. For most people in the world it is very exotic, remote place. No wonder that Napoleon Bonaparte and other people was sent here as prisoners...

But nowadays there is another reason that this island is wide know for many people, people that love HF (others say old-fashioned) radiocommunication. It is due mentioned above Radio Saint Helena.



RSH Bumper StickerRadio St Helena Day is a very unique project. This radio station transmits his programme only once a year! They use 1000W of transmitter with directional antenna and it is enough to reach all parts of the world. During these few hours of transmission this beautiful tropical island in the South Atlantic Ocean seems to be closer...

Usually transmissions occurs at the end of the year (eg. December, November) on frequency of 11092,5 kHz in USB mode. Date, time and details are published earlier on RSH web page as well on various DX Internet sites. It is also possible to hear short test transmission that is also earlier announced.


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3) informations about Island of St Helena (Wikipedia)


Radio St. Helena Day 2009 (14 November)

14 November was the day of annual transmission. Because conditions in 2008 was not the best I've expected better signal this year. Unfortunately signal was not strong. Not strong but OK.

During first hour of transmission (Asia direction) signal was fair. This was encouraging, so I expected strong signal after 22 when antenna should be moved toward Europe. At 2109 signal strength dropped to O=1-2. Such weak signal (often comparable with noises) lasted to 2218. At this time signal greatly improved to O=3 (sometimes even stronger). After 0010 signal very slowly decreased. I finished listening at 0020, when O=2.

Asia:     RSH2009\RSH_2027_Asia.mp3
Japan   RSH2009\RSH_2139_Japan.mp3
Europe RSH_2219_Europe.mp3     RSH_2245_Europe.mp3
N.America RSH_2344_NAmerica.mp3


Radio St. Helena Day 2008 (15 November)

The photo of Miss Ashton YON taken at Radio St. Helena broadcast houseAnnual transmission in 2008 occured on Saturday, 15 November. Signal was not so strong like in 2007 (here in Poland) even during transmissiong for Europe. Fortunately after 2110 signal strenght rised and listening was possible in fair-good quality. During transmission to Japan and N. America signal was very low and only in peaks transmission was audible.

Below there are some recordings:

03 October 2008 - Test:

15 November 2008 - Regular transmission:




Important informations about sending of reception report

New Postal Route for Letters to Radio St. Helena (as of 11.Nov. 2008)


ALL  LETTERS  to  Radio St. Helena  should  be sent to the following address :   


  Radio St. Helena

     P.O.Box  93


     St. Helena Island

     STHL  1ZZ


         ---  Via  AIRMAIL  ---- 

   Via   United Kingdom  and  Ascension     


You do  not  need to write  "South Atlantic Ocean" in this new address.

RETURN POSTAGE     to be included in your letter to Radio St. Helena:

The RETURN POSTAGE is the same as last year : 
at least 3 IRCs or  5 Euros or  5 GBPounds or  3 USDollars
The 5 GBP banknote is the smallest banknote in the UK.
Sorry about the monetary conversion rates.
The AIRMAIL-POSTAGE required on your letter will be ( Nov. 2008 ):  
from the USA is USDollars 0.94 , from Germany Euro 1.70 ,
from England GBP 0.81 ,  from Switzerland SFR 1.80  ,
and for other countries, please ask at your local post office.

Be  SURE to use enough postage on your letter, as if you were sending

your letter to the other end of the world (this is also true for SWL's in England !! ).  

DONATIONS    to the Radio St. Helena Revival Project  are   MOST   welcome.
In the  USA,  please  contact Mr. Rich D'Angelo in Pennsylvania.
Otherwise,  please  contact Mr. Robert Kipp by email  about using PayPal.



Radio St. Helena Day 2007 (15 December)

St. Helena was celebrated its special DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY year 2007 with a very special Radio St. Helena Day 2007 world-wide shortwave broadcast.
The year 2007 marks a DOUBLE ANNIVERSARY for
Radio St. Helena :
- - the 40 th anniversary of broadcasting for Radio St. Helena, and
- - the 10 th shortwave transmision anniversary.

Some recordings of this event (15-12-2007, 11092,5 USB):

1836-1900 Transm. to India (1836 1841 1848 1853)
1900-1930 Transm. to Japan
2000-2030 Transm. to Japan and Europe )
2030-2100 Transm. to Europe
2100-2130 Transm. to Europe
2130-2230 Transm. to Europe and East part of N.America