I use two locations but only one is useful for listening.weak stations. This location is:

Siewierz, Poland: 50,5N, 19,1 E.


The distance between my location and ... is ...

Flevo, Netherlands - 920 km
London, UK - 1300 km
New York, US - 7500 km
Sydney, Australia - 15600 km
Rangitaiki, New Zealand - 17900km


For SW and MW listening I use two receivers Ten Tec RX 320D or Degen DE1103

Ten Tec is a "black box" controlled by PC. Ofcourse PC proximity makes some troubles.

Degen DE1103 is very nice, portable receiver but it need additional band filters and attenuator for reasonable receiving. This is my first receiver.

My antenna is inverted "V" dipole tuned to about 6MHz. It is equipped with simple balun on ferrite ring. The receiver is connected to antenna via over 30 meters of coaxial cable. Top point of antenna pole is placed about 8 meters above the ground.