It's me behind antenna of 350kW(max.1500kW) MW transmitter in Southern Poland

Hi! My name is Michal and nowadays I spend my free time on listening to radio. But not typical radio like most people. First of all I am interested in transmissions on HF frequencies. There are a lot of interesting transmission here like regular broadcasting stations but also HAM, pirate, spy, utility stations (avation, marine) and much more...  It is connected with working with my hardware (eg. antenna system), but I like it too. Radio listening means also contacts with many nice people: radio operators and other listeners. Of course I check also what happens on higher frequencies (VHF, UHF).

My location and hardware infos are here.


My email addres is:   foton111(at)gmail(dot)com


And short story of one man... (how it started)

I started listening AM radio few months ago. One day when I was swiching of my radio I accidentally turn it to MW band and I heard program in Polish language. But it was Polish which sounded like Chinese. It was so funny that I stayed tuned longer. It was Chinese Radio International programme. Despite of distorted, funny language I started listenig this programm nearly every day. But it was no easy to good receive MW and SW stations on typical radios.So I soon bought Siemens RK661 and Degen DE1103 (it really was bought in China and mail costed 40% of whole pice). I started listening comercial or national stations from the world and it was very nice to receive station from South America or New Zealand. Of course I must use external antenna. At start it was few meters of wire, later I added the ground but main problem was (and is) noises from TV set, chargers etc.
One day when I was scanning all bands I came against strange station with music and quite different modulation. I stopped and started wait. This happened on 3927 kHz. Soon I heard "This is Delta Radio" and also telephone number. Because I was after few beers I dared to send information about good reception from Poland. I was extrardinery suprised when speaker read my SMS and played song for me. This was this moment when free radio caught me. Week or two later I tuned on the same frequency to similar station - everyfing was similar, that I belived that this is also Delta. But soon I heard " This is Radio Quintus". Some weeks later I heard Cupid(o) Radio and started to read Alfa Lima International forum... So as you can see I am inexperienced AM listener. But I am not brand new in radiocomunications because I my first steps was on Citisen Bands 15 years ago and nowadays besides HF I listen higher bands and especially airband because of proximity of airport. Sometimes radio is helpful in obserwation of International Space Station because before I am able to see it I can hear it  (unfortunately not voice in most cases). Of course I use also CB in my car.